• 110 W. Virginia, Ste. 200 Upstairs*

    The Purpose

    We call ourselves creative enablers.

    Something very personal and exciting occurs in the individual when he or she completes a work of Art and is pleased. It’s beyond satisfaction and is nearly spiritual in nature. An inner side of the person is tangibly exposed to the world. And it’s beautiful.

    As Art educators we often hear others say with humble resolution “I can’t even draw a stick-figure.” This statement is seen as a challenge. You say you have no artistic ability. We say let us show you that you do!

    The Parties

    We host two types of parties - Open Parties and Private Parties.

    The "Open Party" is available on our schedule most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and runs from 7:00-9:00. Everyone is welcome. *These parties book quickly so it is recommended that you make your reservations in advance using our linked calendar on the "reservations" tab.

    The "Private Party" is made by appointment only and can be reserved for a 2- or 3- hour party. We host these ranging in size from 3-30 in number and for all ages above 5 years. This is a great option for birthdays, bridal showers/bachelorette parties, family reunions, team building, and corporate parties. Group rates are available for these based on the number attending.

    The Process

    We are located in Historic Downtown McKinney at 110 W. Virginia, Ste. 200 which is an upstairs loft with a red door. You can come to us as a group, a couple or an individual. You provide any type of refreshments you’d like to bring. We provide the set-up and all materials and a choice of designs in any style of painting. We also provide the professional direction of a seasoned Art teacher. The entire experience is designed to enable your creative side. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s unlike any other experience!!



  • *What Customers Are Saying!*

    "It was a wonderful experience. Laughter and creativity! I will go back again and again!"

    "Fun, fun, fun!! They were easy going and seemed genuinely glad to have each and everyone of us there. I learned a lot, but mostly it was just a fun evening. This would be a great thing to do for a girls night out, couples looking for something new, or even on your own. Two big thumbs up!!"

    "First time painting and it was excellent. The staff there is really fun and extra helpful!!! I will be returning!!"

    "It was fantastic! So much fun! Great instruction! Thanks for helping me finish out my picture! We will definitely do this again!"My husband went here for a date night and we had so much fun. Our instructor, the owner, was so funny. We’ll definitely come again.

    *****"My husband went here for a date night and we had so much fun. Our instructor, the owner, was so funny. We’ll definitely come again.

    *****"We had a great time here. Leslie has a great sense of humor and a very talented artist. And some of the others in the class(having a girls night out) provided some entertainment as we worked on our paintings. Note: This is not like other painting classes where everybody draws the same thing and the instructor walks you through step by step. Rather you pick out what you would like to paint and Leslie then provides assistance on how you can produce the painting. The majority of the class had never painted before but with Leslie's tutelage they produced some nice paintings. As with everything it takes practice which is an incentive for us to go back. Additional Note: Leslie is trying to update the website but the store below her studio is no longer the Cake Stand but now a jewelry/fashion store. Either way it is easy to find as it is a small doorway to the left of this that heads up a stairway."